At Esco, we continuously challenge ourselves to break new grounds in the life sciences arena by leveraging on the diverse expertise from our different business units. We constantly find new innovations in medical and bio-technology, and together with our life sciences tools production capability, completes the life sciences ecosystem of Esco.

Novel Life Science Solutions

As a leading producer of mission-critical life science tools, Esco Scientific reinvents and enhances the
functionality of its existing product lines to continuously adapt to the changes in the life science

Upcoming developments include: COVID-19 Solutions, a new generation of Touchscreen Biosafety
cabinets and laminar flow cabinets, and expansion of laboratory product line.

Medical Technology

Esco Medical is automating and standardizing IVF embryology lab with workflows to improve clinical outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction. We are developing the world’s first open protocol automated vitrification system and novel modalities for embryo selection.

Esco Medical ApS

Global Healthcare

Esco Healthcare provides mission-critical engineering and equipment solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve protection of
operators, reduce cross-contamination and enable a more efficient processing, thereby directly and
indirectly advancing occupational health and human healthcare.

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Bioprocess Tools and Services

Esco Aster is developing novel bioprocess tools and services to enable the cost-effective scale up of vaccines, cell and gene therapies.

Esco Aster




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